Article: Acquisition is ‘ripe for emerging technology’

What part of your process do you think provides the greatest opportunity for automation or machine learning?


Here is a really cool application of machine learning for Product Service Code search.

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AFBIT Lite is a cool tool built on

To give it a try, go to the Squadron Commander Dashboard and use the filters to see your Squadron’s spend displayed in a bunch of charts/graphs.

Here is the view for 87 CONS:


As you mentioned, the only true ML we’re using (that I know of) is the PSC lookup tool:

The thing with ML is that it has inverted depreciation. When you get a car, it’s at its peak value the day you get it and it depreciates from there. When you get ML it’s at its lowest value the day you get it an it appreciates from there. This makes realizing the ROI a little frustrating. Take Zillow or Indeed, those companies have armies training ML algorithms. We don’t have a spare army laying around. There are applications but we need to be realistic about the time investment needed to dial-in something really valuable.


What do you think is the next best opportunity for Machine Learning?

It sounds like the GPC program is now using it to identify fraudulent transactions.

A system to suggest clauses based on the PR and PWS data seems like a possibility.

Another possibility might be a search function across many existing contract vehicles, e.g. GSA, NETCENTS, Air Force BPAs, etc.

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Is the idea that a mission partner could fill out a form and have software generate the solicitation shell using automation & machine learning exciting or terrifying for the future of our career field?

It’s already happening for certain types of lawyers…

I know the tax code is complicated, but many tax filers self-file without the aid of a tax professional. How?

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