Expanded Use GPC

How are people implementing Expanded Use GPC?

700 CONS is proud to announce we just executed our first expanded use purchase! What would normally take 45-60 days to execute for a Security Forces SIF buy took 7 days; you only need 3 quotes against an existing contract vehicle (ie, GSA, NETCENTS). Work with your local CPTS and Unit RAs to establish this much needed process at your base. This is the future of Air Force acquisition!


This is the future. Companies, particularly small ones, need predictable cash flow aligned with their growth model. Great article below, I think expanded use GPC is one of the answers; DFAS is too slow.


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The Expanded Use Guide for March 2019 has been updated as well. I’ll try to get it added to the forum.

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This is our preferred method of purchase in our Commodities section due to its simplicity and effectiveness. We are exploring existing contracts outside of GSA and known strat-sourcing contracts to see if there are unknown capabilities out there. We are also trying to establish BPAs for items frequently purchased on local economy due to our geographic isolation where we can leverage large price breaks. We saved $600k in EOFY buys last year by being able to follow the dramatically simplified procedures. Still working w/ Finance to sort through issues on back-end w/ payments, but Program is fabulous. Look forward to seeing how this forum can enhance its capabilities through collaboration.

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9 CONS is looking at implementing expanded use with our under SAT construction IDIQ. I am a huge proponent but it seems there is some hesitation. I am in the process of writing up our flight policy letter…hopefully that will provide some clarity and get some momentum.

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The Expanded Use GPC Guide March 2019 (cac required) is available on Air Force Contracting Central.

The guide has 4 parts:

  1. Part I: General Expanded Use for Supplies and Services above the MPT & Below the SAT – Provides basic information on the essential elements needed to incorporate expanded use practices into your Installation’s GPC program.
  2. Part II: Expanded Use of the GPC for CUTS Contract Payments - Provides a brief summary of regulatory guidance that support the business practice of using GPC to make CUTS contract payments.
  3. Part III: Use of the GPC for Purchase Orders and Formal “C” Type Contract Payments - Provides information on when use of the card as a form of contract payment is appropriate, how to gain approval to use the card, and a step-by-step guide on how to execute payments.
  4. Part IV: References - Provides an assortment of helpful links, an abbreviation/acronym glossary, a CUTS checklist, and a useful Fair & Reasonable Price Determination template.