MITRE Acquisition in the Digital Age (AiDA) Tool

The MITRE Acquisition in the Digital Age (AiDA) website is a tool with a lot of information about making acquisitions faster and contracting for agile software development, including links to reports and other training.


I think a bold approach to enhancing this tool would be to open source it similar to how 18F open sourced its TTS Handbook and provided links in the footer to file issues or submit pull requests to fix typos.

When guides like these are open sourced, the community can continuously improve them as they are using them.

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@axelclark, I was thinking something similar about the Contracting Cone on DAU. This tool is was also created by MITRE and could be helpful for folks too. @PeteModi can probably give some really awesome insight into AiDA and the Contracting Cone.


and @trevorrailey, Aloha! I’m part of the MITRE team and just joined this community. Would definitely be curious to hear more of your thoughts on how to improve AiDA, esp about the open source… Knowledge management and up-to-date content management is a challenge that I’m sure a lot of us can relate to!


The general idea would be to publish the HTML or Markdown to Github and let people submit changes.

It might be a challenge depending on how the site was created. However, with the right setup, as the owner, you could accept the suggested change and publish the updates all from Github.

For example, here is a typo fix I submitted to the the Gigalixir guide. I found the error (command was missing the -d) when I was going through the guide to learn how it works.

This is a small example about how open source works, but people could submit even bigger/better enhancements to improve the site.

The reason this came to mind is there is a typo in a FAR reference and I thought it would have been cool to submit the update through Github.

The government is advised to take full advantage of the flexibilities offered under FAR 15.505 fair opportunity provisions.


Another resource to check out is MITRE’s Innovation Toolkit. It lists a bunch of innovation techniques, describes their use, and offers free templates to download.


This article on the site is so good, Principles of War, Axioms of Acquisition


a small tangent but hopefully relevant, tc39 (which is the technical committee that is managing that standardization of Javascript) uses Github with a bunch of markdown files to help develop specifications and encourage contribution. <- A repo with a bunch of markdown files. <- Jekyll site…but honestly maybe you might not need Jekyll (or whatever static site generator). Just maybe a simple html site could be a good starter.

the harder issue and much deeper issue, in my opinion, is community moderation and governance model. might be something to think deeply about.

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