WIFCON Protest Decisions by FAR Part

Hands down, my favorite resource for researching issues without a clear cut answer in the FAR is the WIFCON Protest Decisions by FAR Part page.


It provides summaries of Protest Decisions by FAR Part so you can quickly scan for similar issues to the one you are researching. It allows you to quickly identify the key questions you should ask when assessing the risk of different courses of action.

It also helps identify common scenarios when the Government wins and when it loses for each issue or situation.

For example, at 87 CONS we issued our first Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO). What are the risks? A good starting point would be decisions related to Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs), http://www.wifcon.com/pd35_016.htm, since the procedures are similar.

Next time you’re having a debate with a co-worker, bring a quote from a decision (or two) to enhance your argument.


Early in my development, I spent a lot of time reading and thinking about many of those cases as a part of my self-training program. I quickly realized how unreliable (mechanical, overly opinionated, or without care for case law nor nuance) our institutional training was. I still frequent them - even just today.

Anyone who wants to become a contracting expert would do well spending time each week reading cases from FAR Parts, subparts, and sections that they use most often.

If after reading the cases on the FAR Parts you use most you don’t learn a couple ways to increase speed, compliance, or outcomes, I’ll treat you to lunch and we can talk about it.

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